Tamesis-Torrent Pumping Solutions


Tamesis-Torrent Pumping Solutions is a flexible division focusing to the client’s needs providing solutions from simple to complicate pump applications. To accomplish the above goal Tamesis-Torrent Pumping Solution handles special designed products of Tamesis-Torrent Pumps and represents / cooperates with well-known pump manufacturers for products beyond manufacturing range of Tamesis-Torrent Pumps.

Our technical team staffed with experienced engineers from the pump market sector involved in a big variety of pumping applications, are able to customize pump executions to be adopted to customer needs.

We continuously develop our Products in close cooperation with customers to ensure innovative products that truly fulfil market needs.

Our Special attention given on process and application know-how in order to help customers select the correct solution for each case.



At Site

Installation Advisory & Commissioning
Our experienced engineers can ensure equipment is installed and running according to specification.
Troubleshooting & at site repairs
Identify the root cause of problems and if possible correct them at site bringing equipment back into operation within a minimum timeframe.

In Our Workshop

Repairs and renewal
Getting the old pumps to «as new» condition.
Reverse Engineering
We have the ability of manufacturing parts when no longer available or difficult to source.
Product Upgrade
We can adapt latest designs and materials to existing pumps.